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Chillida in Lund.

I’m very fond of Chillida’s art, and I like to visit his museum ( Chillida-Leku) in Spain, his country.
so, I was very surprised to see one of sculpture in the middle of Stortorget (the main plaza) in Lund, Sweden.
The legend says it will blossom as soon as there is peace on earth.

This was my world for a few days…
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  1. Posted 25 mai 2009 at 23 h 50 min | #

    Great looking art piece, I like it.

    Have a great week
    Regina In Pictures

  2. Posted 26 mai 2009 at 0 h 19 min | #

    I’m hoping for a lasting peace on earth, so I certainly hope we see that interesting sculpture blossom.

  3. Posted 26 mai 2009 at 0 h 54 min | #

    Great sculpture I hope it will blossom soon

  4. Posted 26 mai 2009 at 10 h 10 min | #

    I do hope it sprouts flowers some day although the world situation is not propitious.

  5. Posted 26 mai 2009 at 11 h 19 min | #

    What a stunning sculpture – doesn’t look ready for blossom just yet. Beautiful.

  6. Posted 26 mai 2009 at 17 h 17 min | #

    Thanks for sharing this statue. Chillida has his own unmistakable style. I hope for peace and blossoms too.

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